Meskwaki Photographs

The State Historical Society of Iowa houses numerous images relating to the Meskwaki, including several notable collections created over the years. Of primary significance is the Duren H. Ward Collection, comprised of over 109 individual photographs along with documents and artifacts gathered during an expedition to the Meskwaki Settlement in August 1905. The visual record of the Meskwaki in Iowa continues to grow but here is a selection of images for you to enjoy.

Duren H. Ward Collection

Photograph Album - a selection from the entire collection was assembled into an oversized photograph album with prints measuring 11 x 14 inches with some images retouched by the photographer.

Photographs - remaining images in Ward collection were retrieved from original prints, glass lantern slides, or glass plate negatives. Click here to learn more about the Ward expedition.


Josephine M. Wallace Collection

Wallace visited the Settlement in 1925 and 1926, collecting and taking photographs of tribal members. One of her images shows an exhibition of Meskwaki photos in a store window. Click here to view a gallery of images.



Monroe P. Killy Collection

Photograph Album - a selection of images from Killy's album showing powwow activities

Killy photographed the 1948 pow wow at the Meskwaki Settlement, using both his still camera and his motion picture camera. The black and white prints are mounted on loose album pages and the original 135 mm negatives are now housed at the State Historical Society of Iowa. Portions of the color 16 mm silent film can be seen in the movies section of this program.

Joan Liffring-Zug Bourret Collection

During the 1960s, Joan Liffring-Zug Bourret documented life at the Settlement. Click here to view a gallery of images.






Robert Campagna Collection

In the summer of 1999, Campagna set out to create a parallel set of images to the original Ward images and photographed tribal members at the annual powwow and in a studio setting. Click here to view a gallery of images.



McKenney-Hall Portrait Gallery

A series of lithographic prints of some Fox warriors were created between 1824 and 1832. Click here to view a gallery of images created before the era of photography.